Virgin Atlantic Cargo Boosted Up in First Half – Carrying 30% More Cargo from Dubai


It is high time to cargos to maintain profits as they are affecting by the reduction in prices and port damages. In this criterion, some cargos may fall in favor for profits increasing demand and other may fall under loss due to damage effects. Virgin Atlantic Cargo service is one among them which carried 30 percent more cargo this year from Dubai. It is recorded as 30 percent more cargo carried from Dubai in the first half of the year 2015, by which Virgin Atlantic Cargo service boosted by additional US routes and frequencies. The main reason for this high traffic is due to disturbances caused in US port. It is known from the source that in the first half of the year ending June 2015, the airline cargo service carried 2,400 tonnes exports from Dubai whereas, in the year 2014, it is recorded as 1,800 tonnes for the same period. More hikes are seen in the volume of cargos exported for London and US.It is the additional frequency of service introduced daily towards New York JFK is aiding as a reason for the increase. Along with an increase in the frequency of services, Virgin Atlantic Cargo launched new route towards Atlanta this year which made its contribution towards the increase in services in the first half. Despite intense competition in Dubai, their overall performance was good and encouraging in the first half of the year, said by John Lloyd, senior vice president cargo at Virgin Atlantic Cargo. He also said that their increased capacity towards the US made huge difference attracting more customers. It is the fact that people are searching for alternatives of cargo deliveries to the US due to port disruptions. Lloyd said that these great improvements seen in their service are due to last year relocation impact. Due to relocation in Dubai, their service faced some downfall during last year.

It is inspiring for the cargo service to see the first half of the year going well. It acts as a good example for the customers and helps in building their belief strong in Virgin Atlantic Cargo service connections. He said that they have good connections going smooth from London hub and their aim is to maintain as usual smoothness for the rest of the year. In 2014, Virgin Atlantic offered new GSA contract to Global Air Cargo in Dubai to simplify their freight and courier services by marketing airline freight services and courier express services in a move. The main aim of Virgin Atlantic is to simplify their services to customers in the UAE and to be a part of market’s strong growth in Dubai.

It is the commitment made between Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Globe Air Cargo in the month of August last year. Shiranka Leo, who was the managing director of Globe Air Cargo, said that GSA contract made with Virgin Atlantica last year and is absolutely success deal which got proved within less time. This success paved the way for filling complete available capacity.


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