UCC will let the smaller air ports suffer a lot


According to the recent airport news, the Uniform Customs Code, which was yet to be announced by the European Union, will let so many smaller air ports to get suffered. According to the UCC, all the air posts must be electronically linked to each other. This will definitely cause issues to the smaller air ports that do not have electronic links now. Not only do the smaller air ports but many big air ports also not have electronic links in current. Hence the problem will be serious, said the sources. The UK customs is now examining various ways to find the best possibilities to connect the airports. Soon all the air ports in European Union is expected to be connected through the electronic links, said the customs officials.

National manager of International Trade Development at the HMRC, Tim Cornell has told that there won’t be any chances of finding any paper provisions among the air ports in the near future. All the ports in European Union will be having the electronic links soon, said Mr. Cornell. But setting up the electronic links all over the air ports will definitely cost more. Hence the cost of setting the electronic link in an airport will depend on the European Union freight service handlings taking place there. But more precisely the UCC is meant for making many changes in the air ports if European Union, he added. He was very clear that the air ports of European Union will be connected with the electronic links soon and hence they will be following the Uniform Custom Code. But the problem lies in the installation of the electronic links. Airports that do not worth the electronic links will be spent more on this, said the analysts.

One of the major effects that happen due to this Uniform Customs Code is that the freight forwarders and other shippers will effectively get the advantages of the AEO, which will let them identify themselves as Authorized Economic Operators. This effect is likely to be felt tighter in many other countries. The UCC is expected to be announced soon by the European Union after the successful installation of electronic links. The UK customs also will soon find a best way to install the electronic links all across the ports in European Union. The ports that do not have electronic links in future will be ceased from handling the cargos, said the European Union Officials. Hence many small ports have told that they are really suffering a lot due to this new electronic link UCC. But this is really going to pay them good, said the EU officials.


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