UAE based Jaideep Mirchandani Signs Food Supply Contract


UAE based Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani, who was well known to the world as the chief of the famous airlines Aerospace One, has signed a food supply contract with an airline company. The contract that he has signed now will let this big shot of aviation industry to supply food for the passengers of the contracted airline company. Mr. Jaideep has tasted success in all the industries he has stepped in so far. Hence the industry people told that the food industry will also become a scintillating diamond on his success crown. He will definitely do wonders in food industry, they added.

Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani was falsely accused by some of his enemies recently. He was simply framed and he told to the world that he will be back soon by proving that he was true to the law. As he told, he has proven himself as an honest person and has vanquished all his enemies’ accusation. He and his family always had a great care on this society and on people who are below poverty line. The family always wants to help the needy and will support them the best way they can. Mr. Jaideep has also proven himself as an able industrialist and the aviation industry today know him as “aviation giant”.


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