TWU 555 and Southwest Airlines to Reach a Tentative Agreement


According to the latest report of the air cargo news, the Southwest Airlines has made an announcement today that it is revealing a tentative agreement with the Transport Workers Union today. The negotiations regarding various disputes between the airlines company and the workers union has happened for a long time and has finally ended on this December 23rd. Both the Transport workers union and the airlines have agreed with various conditions mutually and the agreement was made ready today. But the Transport workers union authorities have not yet gone through the agreement. They told that they will decide on signing the agreement only after reading out it completely. They have also told that if there are any changes to be made in the agreement, then the agreement must be altered accordingly as soon as possible.

While saying about the agreement, the officials of the Southwest airlines have told that the agreement is not only meant for increased wages and other benefits for the workers, but also it will enhance the competitiveness of the airlines in the industry. Vice President of the Ground operations, Mr. Steve Goldberg has told that the airlines is feeling grateful regarding the way the agreement was made and how the negotiators have actually shaped the agreement. He has added to the media that the workers would continue their support to the air freight company forever. He told that the Airlines is planning for so many growing opportunities in the near future and hence the support of the workers is essential for them. The low fare structure is one of the important plan on development and the airlines is all set to announce the low fare structure for their routes soon, said the officials.

According to the sources, the agreement will be gone through by the authorities of the Transport workers union for the next few weeks and the voting will be made accordingly. If the voting is in favor of the agreement, then the agreement will become amendable in the year 2021. The Southwest airlines is probably one of the largest airlines in the country that deals with 3900 departures a day and runs to more than 97 destinations across the globe. The airlines is already in its 45th year of service and the plans about the further developments will be successfully implemented once the disputes between the workers union and the management will be settled. This air freighter company is probably the largest one of its kind in the country and the disputes have started because of low wages to the workers, long back. Soon the problem will be settled down.


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