TIACA Endorses E-freight Services And Other Features In Their Website


The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) launched their website recently with additional features and benefits for their members. The organization also included a scorecard feature into their website which is an industry-wide scorecard that assists with the drive towards e-freight. The latest website has a comprehensive look and design with important features that set it apart. The website includes several features which include enhanced network opportunities as well as some major features that highlight the benefits as well as challenges for several e-commerce enterprises. The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is working towards formulating better features as well as services for their members. The organization is committed to the cause of delivering value for their members and the website has a lot to offer to its members according to the Secretary General Doug Brittin.

Mr. Brittin further added that the website offers the members an opportunity to connect and grow business and to keep up to date with important issues regarding their business. It could be a site perfect for networking with other business executives and get the necessary information regarding the industry developments.  The website promotes e-freight services and feature extensively and includes other enhanced features for the members. The improved directory of members has detailed features of social media feeds, profiles, instant messaging etc. Members can make most of these features and even post press releases with their company news on the site and soon will be able to contribute to the community blog on the website.

The e-freight industry scorecard feature on TIACA’s website identifies all the major benefits and issues for every sector of the several e-commerce initiatives. It offers necessary knowledge and information regarding the various developments in the e-freight sector from around the world. The organization is focused on making the air cargo industry paperless and ready for complete digitization. According to Senior Director of Government Affairs of TIACA Sue Presti, their main objective is to endorse and facilitate automation efforts throughout the industry and promote better understanding of the issues of each segment and their perspective on the digitization of the industry. The members are encouraged to offer their feedback and share their concerns according to the executives of TIACA. The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) website will also keep the members updated about different seminar details for the Air Cargo Forum which will take place in October 2016 in Paris apart from other industry specifications.


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