SpiceJet Airlines to Expand its Network


It is known from a source that the SpiceJet Airlines has initiated to expand its airlines network scheduled this winter. The Airlines has revealed its winter schedule of network expansion. As a part of network expansion, the daily flights are going to be increased to 291 in this winter which was currently 250 in number. Moreover, the Airlines added 22 additional connecting flights, 10 new sectors and 30 additional new frequencies. It is also announced by SpiceJet Airlines that they are going to introduce additional 6 new aircrafts to its fleet capacity. All these newly introduced aircrafts are going to start their services in the upcoming 30 days. The new aircrafts are going to enhance the operations of SpiceJet Airlines, particularly, in meeting the demand during winter. In addition, the Airline is going to offer more convenient travel for travellers, offering great choices of flight options to travellers. The new sectors added to the airlines include multiple new routes and some among them are in between Mumbai and Varanasi, Hyderabad and Varanasi, Goa and Ahmadabad. At the same time, SpiceJet Airlines has introduced some additional flights routes in between some destinations, which are going to start their operations from November 15th, 2015. These routes ianclude Dubai-Amritsar and Dubai-Kozhikode.

The Airlines has strengthened its frequencies spreading towards multiple destinations like Mumbai-Goa, Kochi-Mumbai, Chennai-Delhi, Madurai-Chennai, Kolkata-Delhi, Agartala-Kolkata, Mumbai-Hyderabad, Chennai-Mumbai and many more. Along with these routes, there are some other onward connections added to their network by SpiceJet Airways. The new onward connections include Madurai-Delhi, Coimbatore-Ahmadabad, Srinagar-Pune, Madurai-Mumbai are some among them. With the newly introduced flight routes and flights, there is special attention given to tier 2 and tier 3 cities, especially the airlines concentrated more on tourism, increasing its potential from the cities. As the additional flights and flight routes are introduced, there are some destinations which got allotted with new flight connections and expansion of existing connections for the first time. Some among them are Mumbai, Bangalore, Agartala, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Kolkata and Coimbatore. The added new flight routes include a flight route from Varanasi to Hyderabad, along with another route from Varanasi to Mumbai. In addition, a connecting flight is introduced in between Bangalore and Coimbatore. Moreover, there are some additional flights added to Agartala providing additional flight services to Kolkata including connections to Chennai and Delhi while offering services.

Shilpa Bhatia was the senior vice president and head of the sales and distribution at SpiceJet Airlines. She said that they are very fast in their growing path and are succeeded so far in enhancing their overall network spreading over different destinations. She added that they have concentrated more on offering services at better timing schedules along with newly introduced multiple frequencies. She continued that with the new enhancement of their network, they have achieved 16 percent growth in their capacity. She said that the new schedule for winter is going to add more significance to their existing network, meeting the peak demand and at the same time enhancing the network connectivity. Moreover, the SpiceJet Airlines is striving hard to boost up the customer value with the new network expansion.



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