Singapore Looks For Flat Cargo Volumes


According to the recent air cargo news, the Changi airport is looking out for the flat volume of cargo in the year 2016. The sources have told that the airport has faced very flat cargo volumes in the year 2015 till the month of November. Hence the airport wants to have this situation remaining for the year 2016 also, said the airport news. From the month of January to October in the year 2015, the Changi Airport has handled a total of 1.5 million tones of cargo. This is nothing but same as the cargo volume handled by the Changi airport in the year 2014, during the same period, said the sources. Though the volumes have lied so flat, some areas in trade has seen some significant improvements, added the sources.

When the airport in-charge was talking, he told that the year has actually started so slow. The trading at the starting of 2015 was not so active and the marketers expected that the same would continue in the future also. But the scenario has suddenly changed and everything seemed to be normal at the middle of the year. Also some areas of trading have experienced significant growth and hence the cargo handling was so active. The major changes have occurred with the pharmaceuticals. Though it has taken only a very small portion of the trade, the changes that it has faced were really high.

For ground handling the pharmaceuticals, the ground handlers have developed some cool ports and also cool chains. This has certainly increased the value of the ground handling at Changi airport. These activities of changi airport are expected to be the development phase. The airport also have various other plans in future to develop better connectivity with the world, said the sources. But no official announcement has come yet. Soon the airport will make some official announcement on their development projects. As a part of the development project, the airport has already made an official announcement that the third runway will be made available for usage in the year 2020.

While talking about the trade and future development of Changi airport, the officials have told that the airport is trying to make the best support for the Singapore’s logistics and cargo services. They told that dedicated air freighters and other ground handling services are made for the cargo services at the Changi airport. Soon there are more developments yet to come and this will definitely make a lot of changes in the near future, they have added to the reporters.


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