Scandinavian Airlines – First to Receive A330-300 New Version Aircraft


It is known from a recent news report that the new version aircraft model A330-300 was received by Scandinavian airlines. In addition, it was the first airlines to bear the credit of receiving the new version of A330-300 model aircraft. It is known from the source that the newly received aircraft has the capability of carrying 242-tonne weight which is termed as maximum take-off weight carried by aircraft. Scandinavian airlines, was conducting a ceremony at the time it received the new version aircraft delivery. The ceremony was going on at Airbus which is in Toulouse belonging to France.

As the first trip, Scandinavian airlines had chosen the engines of Rolls-Royce to start the services of A330-300 aircraft. The first aircraft of A330 family was launched in 2012, which was the first aircraft to use twin engine. These new version aircrafts are termed as wide body aircrafts with ultimate takeoff weight capacity. There is increased capacity observed in the family of these aircrafts. The newly launched aircraft models belonging to this family named as A330-300 and A330-200 have improved a lot in case of the engine, fuel tank and other aerodynamic packages.

These aircrafts are enabled with a dynamic package of improvements seen in engine and fuel tank placed at the optional centre. The new changes made to these aircrafts have increased the working efficiency of the aircrafts. Moreover, the travelling distance of these aircrafts is also increased to 6,100 nautical miles. In addition, the fuel consumption rate by the aircrafts is reduced by 2 percent.

Rickard Gustafson was the President and CEO of Scandinavia airlines. He said that the new aircrafts introduced by them were mainly to make the passengers feel the extreme comfort while travelling to Scandinavia. He expressed his delight in introducing the new services of the aircraft A330. He added that they are making considerable investments in their fleet and network standing as a strongest airlines source welcoming the passengers who are travelling to and from Scandinavia. Moreover, the newly launched aircrafts are highly efficient in reducing the fuel consumption. He said that it is an advantage for them reducing their capital cost made on fuel over the year.

In addition, the new version aircrafts are reducing emissions to some extent. Christopher Buckley was the Executive Vice President of Scandinavia airlines maintaining its arms in Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe. He said that they are the first airlines to maintain the aircrafts having a capability of handling 242-tonne capacity. He added that they are expecting additional benefits from these innovative A330-300 aircrafts. This newly upgraded A330-300 aircraft is perfect in their fleet capacity which already has A330 older version aircrafts in it. He is expecting that the upgraded version of aircrafts will enable for the new launch of future aircraft like A350, the next model of A330 family. The new version aircrafts with high takeoff weight capability are going to fly in new routes of Asia offering ultimate reliability in operation up to 99 percent or even more. In addition, passengers are going to experience great comfort in the cabins offered by Airbus.


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