Safe Cargo: Goal Post to be Moved


In a statement given to The Daily Herald, Wednesday, the freight company Safe Cargo Services said that the airport management is moving the post of goal regarding to negotiations done for acceptable fee of the rent at the newly started cargo facility which is under construction. It is also to upgrade services intending to increase its share in the market.

The company is operating on the airport now for even more than thirty years. With a no. of more than forty employees and broad knowledge of cargo market and industry, it has been the biggest operator.   

It mentioned the poor conditions of past cargo services and facilities and insufficient storage and staging area supply many times to the airport before; but did not get any immediate address.  

The proposed concession fees is going to affect various sectors as well as consumers. Thus, people can expect a rise in goods’ prices that are imported by air freight.  

Safe Cargo has been contributed importantly in situations like Hurricane Luis. It enabled St. Martin as well as other nearby islands to efficiently connect with far away markets and worldwide supply chains rapidly. It enhanced the airport’s position in the competition by attracting a 767 plane/aircraft towards the island.    

The future growth and sustainability of the market of cargo is at risk with the poor development in the infrastructure of air freight/cargo. This may lead to negative effects on St. Martin and other islands’ economies and also upon the airport.  


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