Russia to ban airline carrier services to and from Ukraine


The Russian Transport minister Dmitry Medvedev, has issued a formal order that informed Ukrainian airlines to cease operations to and from Ukraine into the Russian Federation, this order was carried forward by the Federal Air Transport agency which then forwarded the notification to the carrier. The order is seen by many as retaliation against Ukraine’s decisions to ban several Russian carriers operating between Russia and Ukraine.

The Russian transport ministry has uploaded the report on its website which instructs Ukrainian airlines to cease all operations be it operational or intended to operate between Ukraine and the Russian Federation by the 25th of October after which the operations would not be carried out. The duration of such ban on the airline carrier is unknown to which the Russian authorities disclosed that they will let them know of their intentions in the near future.

The Ukrainian ministry had previously banned several Russian carriers from operating in Ukrainian airspace in an order issued to cease all operations which was issued on September 28th, with Russia’s retaliatory measure from the beginning of the winter navigation; the ban will officially end all air travel between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

A previous report stated that the Ukrainian ban on the Russian transportation carriers were the result of several sanctions that had been placed on the Russian federation as a result of their actions in Ukraine which was in accordance with the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine as announced by the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyu, however as per the orders of the Russian state transport agency, All flight operations between Ukraine and Russia have ceased as of today as the ban becomes effective.

The ban as of now seems indefinite until Russian authorities decide otherwise; the move has been motivated by the ban on Russian carriers Aeroflot and Transaero who suffered losses as a result of the route being closed. Ukraine’s parliamentary panel decided to impose the sanctions against the Russian federation and several of its key members who were involved in the annexation of Crimea and causing the Donbas aggression.

The sanctions imposed not only banned the Russian carrier companies from operating in Ukrainian airspace, but also the separate sanctions against the aforementioned individuals, a list which included 400 personnel as well as 90 different Russian entities who were involved in the Crimea annexation, the sanctions went on to ban Russian airlines from even transiting over Ukraine and forcing flights to go around if the flights were found to be transporting defense goods, Dual purpose hardware or even Russian military personnel.

The current ban is expected to last until Ukraine decides to revert the sanctions placed against the Russian federation, however, with high tensions at the border, it seems unlikely to happen in the near future. 


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