Qatar Airways to Launch Non-Stop Flight Services to Adelaide


According to the latest news report, the Qatar Airways has announced that it is going to launch its flight services daily to Adelaide soon from the next year. With the new launch, the Qatar Airways is going to provide non-stop flight services in between Doha and Adelaide. The Airways announced that the new services are going to start on May 2nd, 2016. It is a fact that the Airways is going to expand its network in Australia in a great way by the launch of new non-stop flight services towards Sydney. It announced that the new flight services to Sydney are going to start from March 1st, 2016. In addition, Adelaide is termed to be the first destination in Australia for Qatar Airways as it is going to use A350 aircraft to provide flight services to Adelaide. A350 aircraft is special for Qatar Airways which is termed as a state of the art.

Qatar Airways was the global launch customer of A350 aircraft. With this aircraft, Qatar Airways is going to expand its network in Australia along with bringing improvement in quality and efficiency of A350 aircrafts. Moreover, these new aircrafts are highly flexible for long-haul services, in particular to Adelaide. The new service is going to be a key business for Qatar Airways and is leisure destination in the southern part of Australia. At the same time, the Airways is going to offer the first opportunity for all the passengers of Australia to travel in the new aircraft, first time introduced by Qatar Airways prior to other Airlines around the world.

It is known from a source that the newly added destination Adelaide has increased the capacity of Qatar Airways towards Australia, which rose to 28 flights for a week. All the fleet capacity allotted for Australia has spread around four key cities of Australia which include Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Akbar Al Baker was the chief executive of Qatar Airways group. He said that the new route depicts the commitment of expansion of the Airways towards the market of Australia. He continued that the next year is going to be another exciting year for Airways and they are delighted that Australia is going to prominent in their upcoming expansion plans. He expressed that the new launch of flight services towards Sydney and Adelaide from March 1st and May 2nd would craft high in their expansion plans and at the same time will strengthen the operations in the country.

Thus, the new flight routes launched by Qatar Airways in Australia would expand their airline network around the country strengthening their presence in Australia. At the same time, the new flight services will increase profits of the Airways by increasing revenue growth. The new services are going to ignite further expansion to other countries, by the continuous promotion of their services around the main cities of Australia. It is yet to see whether the declines in bellyhold traffic would affect the new flight services of Qatar Airways or not. As it is going to launch its services next year, it is expected that the declines would get disappeared by next year.


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