Percent Volume Growth is seen in Abu Dhabi Air Cargo Service


According to the latest report of air cargo news taken in the month of July, 2.1 percent growth is seen in volumes of cargo service belonging to Abu Dhabi airport. It is noticed from previous records that volumes of the cargo service is increasing by 2.1 percent range year over year. It is reported that the Abu Dhabi airport handled about 68,888 tonnes in the month of July, including cargo load at all the three terminals. It is clearly an increase crossing the record of 67,456 tonnes handled by the cargo service in the same month last year. The major contribution to this large share is given by Etihad cargo which is the single cargo service representing 91.5 percent of the total cargo. It acts as largest cargo service handling great load factor at Abu Dhabi. As this cargo service is handling large load factor, 3 percent growth is seen in volumes year over year recorded in the month of July.

It is observed from the report that 483,171 tonnes of freight is handled by Abu Dhabi in the first seven months of 2015. Compared to previous year record, it is about 8.5 percent year over year increase. Last year, in 2014, for the same period, the cargo volume is recorded as 445,341 tonnes. Although, the volume growth seen in July was slightly down, it was still leading in cargo volume growth recorded in the first half of the year. It is after six months, Abu Dhabi airport noticed a year over year increase in cargo volumes which is 9.6 percent with a load factor of 414,203 tonnes. Overall, the cargo service is in a good record of maintaining volume hike year over year. Significant growth is seen in cargo service belonging to Abu Dhabi airport with remarkable monthly cargo increases. It is seen 12.6 percent recorded as year over year cargo increase with 64,067 tonnes cargo load in the month of February. Consequently, in the month of April, it was recorded as 19.3 percent year over year increase with 71,650 tonnes of cargo load. Abu Dhabi airport cargo service is planning to open its fourth subsidiary at Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) after two years that is by 2017. It is expecting more profit growth by opening the fourth terminal along with the existing three terminals. If the fourth terminal opens, a great hike is expected in air freight volumes of Abu Dhabi airport.

It is said by Eng. Ahmad Al Haddabi, who was the chief operations officer at Abu Dhabi Airport that MTB is mainly built to meet the increasing growth year over year. He added that as days are passing, the project is molding its look close to the one they are expecting to be. He continued that 12.8 percent growth is seen in cargo volumes last year with 797,069 tonnes of load factor. He added that they have fixed their target to cross the previous record this year with a remarkable hike in cargo volumes, turning it as a milestone in their journey.


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