Panalpina Freight Services to Expand its Charter Network


According to latest freight news – Panalpina freight services is decided to expand its charter network by expanding door-to-door capabilities serving the people. Recently, Panalpina freight service has celebrated the 25th anniversary of its existence. Panalpina has launched its first charter network in the year 1990. During the launch, Lucas Kuehner, head of Panalpina freight services said that ‘Every freight service should have good control over the cargo in order to offer the best freight services to customers’. Since 1990, it is continuing to follow the same element and is applying for its charter network. He said that he believes in serving the customers up to extreme they desire. He continued that these factors made them maintain good control over the cargo by which they are cooperating with ground handlers and respective agents in order to establish perfect protocols. Handling pharmaceutical cargo loads effectively is an example of such protocol. He said that they are able to control door to door cargo services which make them look similar to integrators, which are the companies attracting huge market shares from forwarders of freight services. He said that the similarity between integrators and freight service models is a threat to freight service model which is more in the case of ocean and air freights.

He said that the charter network of Panalpina freight services is completely different from other services provided by various freight forwarders. It is a unique business model among all. He said that they are the one who are providing freight services enabled by the door to door services. He continued that they are offering fast transfers to customers within a short span of 40 hours, initiating from Hong Kong to Brazil and at the same time they are able to offer cargo offload services which can be activated within an hour by unloading it into trucks. These trucks will immediately start their travel to distribution centres. He said that this is the similar service done by an integrator and we are proud to say that we can do this as we have experience in handling cargo for a long time. Panalpina freight services have added a new route in between Pudong and Luxembourg, which is named as Panda Star. By this, it is going to stop its charter service network at Baku in previous year combining all its services together to seven.

He said that in this year, the forwarder has introduced a freighter to Atlas which was operating around the world in favour to the fixed time charters. Panalpina freight service is always looking for adding new routes, but it went down due to fall of supply and demand frequently, said by Kuehner. He continued that the freighter services have improved a lot, showing Mexico as an example for this fact that few years back they are only one freight services provider to that country. Overall results of 2015 are flat and he is expecting weaker season than the previous year. He added that among all, Europe is going good and at the same time, there is a tough time in dealing with China and Brazil. He said that the spike in the results noticed from last few weeks is termed to be a golden week. It is yet to see how future results will be by the end of this month and how the rates are going to hold up. Takeover deal of UTi by DSV last week has created eighth largest freight services forwarder, providing air freight services. He said that they are not trying to grow their shares in the marketplace using acquisitions. But said that the bolt-on purchases will increase their growth in verticals terms, which is the main reason to complete their services to customers effectively. He said that their services will be open for all these opportunities.

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