NZB Air Freight Cargo Service is on for Australia Enabling Horse Speed Services


New Zealand Bloodstock abbreviated shortly as NZB is one of the shining air cargo freight services which is in the field since from many years. It is completely different from other freight services enabling for fast transportation. According to the recent report, it is seen NZB gained approval from the department of veterinary belonging to the Australian government for establishing a UK quarantine station in Sussex County. NZB was extremely happy to spread its horse transport services to Australia immediately after the approval. Thus by getting approval from Australia, NZB air freight service is going to offer its monthly horse transport services starting from the UK to Australia by November this year. NZB has its freight service already in operation from the UK to New Zealand. With this approval, NZB freight cargo service got the new opportunity of service expansion up to Australia.

It is reported from air cargo news that NZB is going to offer its services to all horse owners including trainers and breeders. They are in full confidence that the horses are going to be delivered in schedule timings present at this stage said by Greg Northcott, air freight manager of NZB. He added that NZB air freight cargo service transporting 2,500 horses every year around Australia along with other Asian countries as main transport end. There are well-established clients in both the countries supporting their cargo operation since from 50 years. He added that they had flying experience between these two countries from over 50 years. He also said that they are expecting for more horses travel from Europe to Australia expanding their cargo service business and at the same time allowing them to meet the needs of existing customers. It is reported that horses will be flown to Sydney for some time initially but will be flown to Melbourne from December as it would turn to a destination after the change of quarantine facilities.

Apart from these, NZB air freight cargo service also offers services to the rest of Europe which include health and vaccination requirements. It is good at handling all these services clearing customs transparently. It is determined by NZB that the new Australian service is going to use Singapore Airlines freighter capacity for its freighter operations carried out from London via Changi. Whereas in the UK, complete logistics is handled by BBA which is a shipping and transport company. Considering the new market criterion, BBA turned out as shipping handler in the shipping department of British Bloodstock Agency and Transport. It is specialized in transporting temporary and permanent exports of horses across the world. It is expert in exporting the horses from UK and Europe. Along with these, the transportation of Continental European horses to major international races is handled by BBA, from which it clearly depicts its experience in this field. Thus, the newly opened NZB air freight cargo service at Australia is going to be a great success with the involvement of BBA in transporting the horses. They are hoping for smooth freight cargo service similar to other arms of NZB.


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