New Route Launched by Cathay Pacific Airlines Linking Hong Kong and Madrid – Enables Passenger and Cargo Services


Cathay Pacific Airlines launched a new route from Hong Kong to Madrid recently. The airlines announced that the newly launched route for Madrid is going to be four times a week providing both passenger and cargo services. Madrid was the capital city if Spain. Cathay Pacific got the approval from the government in the month of June for launching new route in between Hong Kong and Madrid. The airline decided to start the new route with newly received Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. It is the special aircraft enabled with luxurious features. It is known from a source that Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is the specially designed aircraft with award-winning Business, Premium and Long-Haul Economy Classes. The seats in these classes are designed in a special manner providing ultimate comfort to the passengers. It was the first direct link between Hong Kong and Madrid, adding significance to enable high comfort levels in the aircraft used in this route. Thus, the airline has chosen Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for this route as it is one of the best aircrafts providing world class facilities. It is mentioned by airlines that the aircrafts are going to provide extreme convenience for business and economy class passengers as well as for leisure customers travelling in normal class between these two cities. Moreover, the newly launched route became highly advantageous for passengers, in particular, passengers of South Europe enabling easy access to significant destinations of Asia and Mainland China.

The location of Madrid was in the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid has a special recognition as a cosmopolitan city. It is highly famous spreading their culture of living worldwide. Moreover, Madrid acts as a crucial place for business acting as significant financial and business centre attracting the business and financial entrepreneurs all around. Along with business people, the city is giving a warmth welcome for leisure travelers coming from different places around the world. Madrid was specially recognized for its historical landmarks and heritage depicting the richness of the city. With the rich heritage present in the city, it is attracting the people worldwide and is definitely a big feast for heritage lovers. The famous European football teams Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid belong to Madrid which is hometown for them. Ivan Chu, the Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific said that they are extremely delightful for launching their flights in between Hong Kong and Madrid. He added that it was the first airline to launch non-stop passenger and cargo services in between Hong Kong and Spain.

He said that the expansion of the network is the main aim of their core strategy. They are indulging their complete efforts to strengthen the position of Hong Kong to one of the world’s leading international aviation hubs providing multiple services all together like passenger, freight, carrier and cargo services. He added that at present they are concentrating more on the expansion of their airlines in Europe. Cathay Pacific recently added Zurich, Manchester and Dusseldorf to its network offering multiple passenger and cargo services to the customers, providing extreme convenience to passengers, in particular, passengers travelling from Hong Kong to Madrid.


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