Malaysian Airlines Lifts its Baggage Ban the Next Day


The Malaysian airlines announced in the first week of January 2016 that it does not allow completely checked baggage from Malaysia to Europe flights but the ban was lifted the very next day of announcement. The airline has already been in troubled times due to the infamous accident of flight MH370 and with this step they received more negative views from people.

The airline news updated on their website cited ‘unreasonably strong headwinds’ and extended routes on the Egyptian airspace because the reasons for this step and they also called it as safety issue. The passenger could check in the baggage but the same would arrive later instead of the same going in the same flight. They also limited cabin baggage to 7 kg in the economy class and almost 14kg in the business and the first class.

The routes to Europe from Malaysia are longer and there are strong headwinds on way. The airline news reported that since last four days the winds were in excess of 200 knots, which can lead to excess usage of fuel. Now with airlines latest risk assessment the routes to Europe have been cut short by the airline. They claimed that the longer routes via Egyptian airspace were taken to avoid conflict zones.

The social media users were quick in venting over the airlines now cancelled policy. The airline news reported that it was their temporary measure and cannot be compared to others since each airline has its own way of working and assessing the risks involved. The airlines Facebook page was full of comments from passengers condemning this move. There was mockery made of the whole issue and the airline move became the latest humor doing rounds on all the sites. Passengers also raised queries on the practicality of collecting luggage at a later date. There were concerns from transit flyers as well.

After lifting the ban, airline replaced the original statement where they had mentioned that the restriction would continue indefinitely basis the weather conditions with an update that normal baggage restrictions have been restored on its flights to London, but the ban still applies on the Amsterdam and Paris routes on Jan 5-6. The aviation news reported that till date no airline has taken such a step. In case an airline wants to reduce weight of the aircraft, it usually limits the total number of passengers than the actual checked baggage. The Asian managing editor at flight global magazine, Mr. Greg Waldron had said that last time similar process was taken in 1970, when Concorde which has small fuselage, will sometimes contain baggage followed in  747 aircraft. But the services offered in delivering the baggage were first class.


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