Lufthansa Cargo Services has faced increased challenges last decade


The Lufthansa cargo services has faced an increasing challenge last decade and the industry knows it. The major reason for these challenges was nothing but the combination that it has once upon considered with the air freight company Gold Standard. The German financial daily Handelsblatt has printed a wide range of interviews of Mr. Peter Gaber, who is the boss of cargo industry. In the interview, he has spoke about both the companies and also about the future plans of the cargo company Lufthansa. Some of the major challenges faced by the Lufthansa was decline is in the demand of air freight, almost the demand has become flat, recession in the industry, terrorism in places. Some important challenges will include increase in competition in the Middle East, Russia and Turkey. This has affected the Asia-Europe Trade largely. The Lufthansa and various other European Carriers have got affected seriously on this.

There was a report recently on the interview of Mr. Gaber. In the interview he has told that the following three quarters will be really tough for Lufthansa and it will be majorly involving in reducing the staffs and also will reduce the main deck capacity of the company. This is nothing but a step taking by the company as a part of their cost cutting program, said Mr. Gaber. The cost cutting program of Lufthansa was named as “C40”, he added to the reporters. By attaining this program successfully, the company can reduce a total of €40 million every year. Mr. Gaber was not so specific about the reduction in the number of staffs. But he was quite sure about the aircraft and the main deck capacity reduction. He has told that the company is planning to remove two MD11 cargo service planes from the fleet. Out of the two, one will be removed from the active operations and the other will be removed from the reserved fleets.

Mr. Gaber has told that the cargo load factor is not so particular in its meaning. This is mainly because the cargo load factor will include a lot of spaces in its route and also a very little space in the volume of the air freight. This is nothing but a reflection of the company’s idea on the load factor, said the industry people. Also there were people who were trying to say that Mr. Gaber is trying to make use of this deck reduction to meet the rivals in the Middle East. As per the status now, the company wants to make more changes in the near future and Mr. Gaber was expected to be revealing a lot about the future plans of Lufthansa soon.


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