Lufthansa Cargo Service Aiming at a Cargo Lift


The Lufthansa cargo service arm  is targeting at new customers, reducing costs as well as revamping a few products after profit slump and absence of improvement in cargo markets.  

Peter Gerber, CEO, Lufthansa Cargo, informed journalists while in Berlin that he has no positive thought about the present market situation and expects very low growth in profits in 2016. The adjusted earnings for Lufthansa Cargo, before tax and interest fell 40% down to 73.5m euros in 2015, a result of the market’s overcapacity, China’s slowdown and a strike wave at Lufthansa which did not let planes fly.

Besides a 40m euros cut in costs one year from 2018, the airline which operates b2b similar to other freight companies, is looking for new passenger customers on their flights.This summer, it is going to launch “myAirCargo”, which will give the provision of shipping personal purchases or belongings to the people flying, who will then not need to use some third party to ship their travel purchases. 

Matin Schmitt, HR and Cargo head, Lufthansa, said that this will let someone wishing to ride upon Route 66 using his own motorbike do so.CEO Gerber gave no information about the expectations of market’s strength to do such air freight shipments.


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