Lufthansa Cargo delivering 40m roses


Throughout the world, people will be sending and offering flowers in large numbers to the people they love for the day of love, Valentine’s Day. Whole of freighters full of beautiful roses are being flown by Lufthansa Cargo, to be sure the millions of love declarations will go with the scent and smell of fresh rich roses. The cargo airline of the Lufthansa Group will be carrying around 1,500 tonnes of a product as sensitive as a flower, this year. This means around forty million roses or else 16 flights’ capacity with the freighter MD-11. 

Every year, Lufthansa Cargo introduces special and extra charter flights from Nairobi and Quito to Frankfurt- for meeting the huge Valentine’s Day demand. The leading airline for cargo services in Europe developed its Fresh/td special product particularly for shipping perishable products like food and flowers, along with the enhanced latest facilities and equipment.

The journey of roses generally begins in South America and Kenya as they offer the most suitable and best conditions to grow roses, with the best ideal climate year-round. Sophisticated logistics make sure that these roses are carefully and quickly transported from countries which cultivate them to their destination points. The roses are collected at the farms of flowers many times in day and then are immediately placed inside water and are cooled. After they are sorted and packed, they are sent directly to the airport followed by the perfectly cooled cargo holding the freighters. There is a short stay for the roses at Frankfurt Airport as they generally find themselves all around Europe among the romantics within very few hours after they land in the city.



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