Liege and Munich ports to increase the airfreights volume in 2016


According to a latest report by the air cargo news, the important hubs of Europe, Liege and Munich have planned to increase the volume of the air freights that are going to be handled in these ports in the year 2016. This is a formal decision taken under the circumstances faced by these ports while handled more cargos in the year 2015, said the officials to the reporters. The liege port at Belgium has handled a total of 650,000 tons of cargo in the year 2015. This is nothing but a 10% surge over the year 2014. When the general manager of the airport Mr. Luc Partoune was speaking to the reporters, he told that the ANA aviation and the Qatar airways, which were new to the industry, have actually boosted up their activities.

Icelandair, EL AL and thr CAL also have shown significant raise in the cargo services in the year 2015, he added to the reporters. Brussels, which is the second largest airport in Belgium in cargo handling also have shown a great performance in the year 2015 and hence the cargo industry in Belgium has become a fast growing one, said the sources. Also the airport authorities have announced that the passenger flights connecting china and liege will be doubled in the year 2016. Considering the increase in the number of passengers making use of the flights to travel from Belgium to China, the number of flights will also be increased in the year 2016. Currently there are 3 flights that travel from liege to china every week. Now the decision of doubling the number of flights will make this as 6, said the sources.

According to the report of the air cargo news, the plans made for the increase in the volume of air freights in the liege port will cost a total of €10 million. This also includes the buildings planned for the new businesses, creating the air crafts stands at the north and also the continuation of energy saving investments. Munich port also has made various decisions on their developments in the year 2016. The official announcements were also made and soon the port is expected to start their work in their development process. The Frankfurt airport is the largest cargo hub in Europe, when it comes to volume. But in the year 2015, it has faced a fall in the volume of the cargo being handled. Around 2.1 million tons of cargo has not got handled in the Frankfurt airport last year, when compared with the previous year.


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