LATAM Airlines to Increase its Services to America along with Planning New Flights to Africa


According to the latest news report – LATAM Airlines has announced that they are going to start new flight routes towards America by the last month of this year or by the first month in the upcoming year 2016. It is said by the Airlines that they will be starting four new flight routes in the Americas soon by the end of the year most probably. The Airlines said that the proposal was waiting for the approval to provide services in between Johannesburg of South Africa and Sao Paulo of Brazil. LATAM Airlines mentioned that they are thinking to start these services weekly, starting from Lima to Antofagasta belonging to Chile. These new services are going to operate by LAN Peru from the month of December, this year. In addition, LAN Columbia is thinking to start week services from the same month, four times a week. These new services are going to start from Punta Cana belonging to the Dominican Republic and Bogota. At the same time, TAM is also going to start flying from Brasilia towards Punta Cana and is going to be available on four days of a week. LAN Peru will also start services from Lima to Montevideo, five times per week, which are expected to start from January 2016. Consequently, they are thinking to operate additional four flights per week towards Washington DC by mid of 2016. TAM is intended to start its new services in between Johannesburg and Sao Paolo but us still waiting for the approval.

Enrique Cueto was the chief executive of LATAM Airlines. He said that they are excited about the new services which are going to start by the end of the year and expressed his word that the new services are going to be a crucial milestone for their Airlines as they are going to begin their operations towards the fifth destination belonging to the US. In addition, they are going to be monarch Airlines offering non-stop service in between Washington DC and Lima. He continued that TAM is waiting for its approval for launching new route in between Johannesburg and Sao Paulo in the coming year. He said that present there are no Airlines belonging to Latin America providing a direct connection from Latin America to Africa. He said that LATAM Airlines is thinking to make some adjustments to its network in the upcoming future by increasing the services to some places and also by disconnecting services to some destinations. It is said by LAN Peru that they are going to increase their services towards Miami (US), increasing to 17 which is 14 before. In addition, they are going to start new service to Antofagasta.

In Brazil, TAM is going to cancel one of its services which is in between Miami and Belo Horizonte, from the month of March and at the same time, they have increased services from in between Orlando belonging to US and Brasilia, from 3 to 6 times per week. It is said by TAM that from the second half of 2016, they will start using a new model Airbus A350 enabled with the extra wide body on to the service in between Orlando and Sao Paulo, by which the services are going to increase from 7 to 11 times per week. From April, TAM is going to make the service twice in between Fortaleza and Miami along with disconnection of service in between Manaus and Miami by four times which are five before. From February 2016, it is going to start a service in between Bogota and Sao Paulo, by which the Airlines is going to count 11 services per week, connecting the cities. From November, LAN will start new service connecting Sao Paulo, Milan and Santiago along with starting new service in between Madrid and Santiago, three times a week.



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