Korean Airlines Freight Service to Follow up the 747 Tradition


It is known from a source that the eye charming order of Korean airlines has been delivered on Wednesday this week. Everyone is aware of the order placed by Korean airlines for new fleets. This new order is predicted to be delivered as soon as possible. But turning out all predictions into reality, the order of 10 flights of 747-8 intercontinental passenger plane model have been delivered successfully on Wednesday this week. By the delivery of the first fleet of 747-8 planes, Korean airlines got the credit of first airlines around the world that is operating both the passenger and freighter versions of 747-8. It is really honorable for the airlines which gained remarkable credit of using 747-8 flight versions in both passenger and freight service.

Korean Airlines freight service is already carrying out its operations with different fleet capacity. It is currently using seven 747-8 freighters for cargo purposes. Other than these, there is 28 strong cargo fleet included in Korean airlines. Some among them are 747-8, 747-400 and 777 freighters. Thus, it is widely using 747 version fleet for both passenger and freighter purposes. The recent model 747-8 Intercontinental is enabled with less fuel consumption feature saving fuel and as well as emissions over the predecessor. These new 747-8 Intercontinental flights will save fuel by reducing about 16 percent of consumption. Moreover, the noise emitted from these flights is 30 percents compared to other flights. It was said by Walter Cho, the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Korean airlines that the new aircrafts delivered has good maintenance capability which is delivering better fuel economy. This is a good factor for all global airlines like them and is highly supportive of achieving their goal of operating first class fleet of world class aircraft.

Ray Conner, who was President and Chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said that they are excited as Korean air is extending its airline tradition to the usage of newest 747-8 Intercontinental. He added that only a fewer airlines have operated almost all models of 747 family, among all Korean airlines, is first to operate newest model aircrafts belonging to 747 family of aircrafts. He is confident that 747-8 will become an important part of Korean Airlines crafting its presence in the success of airlines. Korean airlines freight service is going to keep up the tradition of 747 as it is the most succeeded aircraft family for the airlines. Another reason supporting this deal is the complete change overlook offered for B747-8 intercontinental aircrafts both in interiors and exteriors of the aircraft. With new makeover offered by dreamliner is inspiring in design and soothing for great customer satisfaction in traveling through these aircrafts. Tremendous changes made in business and economic classes of aircrafts are awesome in looking and will leave you mesmerizing with its classy look. Comfort levels are increased in 747-8 intercontinental model aircraft compared to other aircraft models. It is aiming to provide world-class aircrafts at a tempting level of price.


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