Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani Off from the blacklist


Mr Jaideep Mirchandani, Aerospace One chief, breathes a sigh of relief after he was removed from the US government Entity List, which was framed to restrict the individuals and companies to carry out illegal activities. In September 2014, Aerospace One which is flourishing in the Aviation market,was negatively listed and was misjudged by the government.Other associated companies like Veteran Avia, Agneet Sky, Sky One, Aeolus, Aerospace Company, Aircon Beibars and SkyOne Maintenance Services which were also blacklisted, are now removed from this list.

On February 23, 2016 all accusation which was claimed by the media The Loadstar – “being engaged in transaction with individuals involved in weapons trafficking and attempting to export a US aircraft that would be used to further support the Syrian regime” were all proved to be fatal and the chief was justified under the true eyes of law.

Mr Mirchandani who is having rich experience in the Aviation industry and with his dedicated team of professionals working tirelessly has earned a big name. Jaideep Mirchandani along with his family members Indira Mirchandani and Nitin Mirchandani faced a period of defamation and distress when there were falsely being accused by some media companies like The Loadstar and They were then granted a reprieve after controversial articles which showed such a renowned Aviation industry in a dark tunnel.

Through an accord of Cargofacts which portrayed all legal activities, Mr Mirchandani, his family, and their associated companies who were being accused were constantly denying all the allegations that were made against them in relation to the BIS investigation and also believed that were being blacklisted in error. Mr Mirchandani’s lawyers added the credit to his profile again by bringing the true story on the screen which was harmed by some administering media companies.

A statement which was addressed by the Mirchandani says, “Once listed, we immediately worked to engage with the US government, to answer any questions it may have had about our activities, and vigorously pursued our removal. Today’s action by the US government shows that we were right to do so. We are now dedicating ourselves to renewing and rebuilding our business in the months and years ahead.”

The blacklist read the name of the chief of Aerospace One about whom it did not have enough information and were suspected of committing serious crimes which stated of being involved in sending arms and ammunition to Syria and helping spread terrorism.With the support of lawyers, Mr. Mirchandani has made it clear that there is nothing suspicious and he does not own, operate or have any interest in Rayyan Air or AHS International and bears no connection to any of the three listed careers.

 The person who had gone beyond and walked an extra mile and have anchored every social practice to bring a change in the society was disturbed when he was being claimed for being involved or have a relation with terrorism. Not only in Aviation industry but also he laid big hands on other profiles where he had embarked and registered success story, recently he signed a contract to promote a major café chain across Europe.

Some of the harmful and false statements were made by media and other independent bodies which damaged their hard-earned reputation by their careless act of trial-and-error. Not only on websites but in real he is undoubtedly “a social worker who has a lot of care for the common people and he works hard for the better life of these common people.”


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