Improved cargo services using technological Hermes air cargo management system


The Hermes IT system has been used by many different airlines, ground handlers, cargo hubs and airports around the world.  The CACC’s new terminal, which is under construction, will have this system installed which will gradually speed up the air cargo services. Currently, the handling power of the CACC is 40000 tonnes of cargo per day. This facility is an element of a major project known as Cairo cargo city which will include three terminals: one each for export, imort and express business in the long run.

The Hermes air cargo system is built according to the particular requirements of air cargo handlers. Developed by the team of air cargo professionals, the system provides the complete IT solution including documentation, physical handling and messaging in real time. The Hermes air cargo system streamlines the ground operations by combining a paperless warehouse with back office documentation and billing that will typically increase the output of cargo services without any increase in the costs. Based on the latest technology, the system allows the use of iPhones and iPads and other hand held terminals, barcode RFID technology.

The airport news also mentions that the system is used by air cargo ground handlers globally and is operated in warehouses, hubs and many cargo terminals. It is one of the most sophisticated and unique systems on the market which is handling variety of goods ranging from perishable to hazardous goods at the same time reporting revenue and communicating with the customers with the help of real time information.

The Hermes Air cargo management system controls the import and export processes for both airline and warehouse.

  1. Import: In this, flights are fully prepared prior to their arrival using all the EDI messages available. This activity also includes warehouse acceptance, communication with local customs, preparation of ramp, cargo handling prioritization. Very less time is required in handling and checking documentation upon flight arrival. This is because all the records are pre-prepared. Handheld terminals are used to record the warehouse receipt, cargo arrival and update of ULD. All airline EDI and customs messages are generated instantly once the action takes place. Then, the system. The system directs cargo to appropriate storage areas and warns about the incorrect location of the shipments. Customers are automatically updated of their shipment arrival.
  2. Export: Call forward system is used to line up the transit trucks and agents vehicles according to the urgency of their goods and arrival time. Once called by the CFS, cargo is unloaded using the wireless handheld devices. After proper scanning, the cargo is stored in the specified area. To send the important airline messages, EDI messaging is used.

Thus, Hermes air cargo management system helps in managing the day to day stock of air cargo efficiently and helps in meeting the challenges by fulfilling the future needs of the business and its customers.


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