Growth In Passenger And Cargo Traffic At The Ontario International Airport


The passenger and cargo traffic has seen a recent upsurge at the Ontario International Airport after the airport authorities regained the control back from Los Angeles authorities. The officials from the airport have reported 4% increase in the passenger traffic and 13% increase in cargo services in the month of November 2015 as compared to the last year statistics.

According to the airport news international traffic is showing an upward trend. Though the latest number of passenger traffic is not out as yet but in the year 2014 it was 4.1 million as compared to 4 million in the year 2013. Before the recession the airport received 7.2 million passengers in the year 2005. The volume of cargo services was 474,502 tons in 2014 as compared to 465,537 tons in 2013. In the year 2005 the cargo volume was recorded as 576,791 tons.

The Mexican airlines such as, Aero Mexico and Volaris are experiencing increase in the number of passengers and they are expected to keep their scheduled services strong throughout the year. Airport news also reported that these airlines served 10,240 passengers, which was a 26 percent increase from the year 2014.The reason cited by John Husing, the chief economist of Inland Empire Economic Partnership for growth in cargo business at ONT, is the recent rise of e-commerce platforms across the globe and the strong dollar value. The high value of dollar has caused imports to become less expensive since the cost of manufacturing is low in the Asian countries. This has led to increase in the number of flights coming from Asia carrying import goods under the services of courier companies like UPS and FedEx.

The airport’s cargo traffic may also step up due to high imports as the US economy strengthens in comparison with  the global economy which is not that stable particularly China. As per the latest airport news with the final transfer of control from Los Angeles to Ontario, local officials hope to make even further cargo gains and expect more passenger traffic at the ONT.

The re-acquisition of airport has brought back the things on tracks and the efforts which were derailed in past many years, since earlier the focus was only on increasing business of the Los Angeles airport. There were also reports that the officials at the Ontario International Airport are planning to develop land around the airport to generate revenue. This will help them to offset landing fees costs and therefore attracting more airlines to start their services from the Ontario airport. Many airlines have already shown interest to start their operations from the Ontario International Airport in the year 2016.


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