Frankfurt airport stuck with flight attendant strike


Lufthansa flight attendant strike has hit the Frankfurt airport, airport news report. The strike has led to cancel almost 3400 scheduled flights, said the sources. The cargo for the month also has got reduced and the performance report of the airport says that the total performance in this year was less than the last year during the same period. The airport officials have told that this has brought a huge loss to the airline companies as the flights are cancelled and there were no crew to work and to handle the roadways in the airport. The cargos that have landed in the airport will not be handled by the ground handlers and hence the cargo flights were cancelled in the Frankfurt airport, said the officials of the air port.

The number of passengers, who have started using the flight service has recently got increased, said the air port report for the performance in the year 2015. According to the air freight companies report on performance in the year 2015, the number of passengers who have made use of the air transport has increased to 8.1% this year. But this strike was something which was not planned. The air freight companies have expected that the number of cargos will be increased this year and they had no plan regarding the strikes. This has ended up in a crisis they said.  The things happened was exactly out of their ideas, said the airlines officials. The increase in the number of passengers and cancel of the cargo carried this year was purely unexpected and the companies were not prepared enough to meet this. Hence they have failed to meet the increase in the number of passenger and cancel of the cargo to be carried.

The strike by the attendants of Lufthansa is expected to be solved soon and the Frankfurt is expected to be working as usual as it was soon. Many airlines company officials have told the Lufthansa to decide on the crisis soon as they were getting affected by this problem much. The air port news will be continuously updating the airlines and others, said the airport authorities. Soon the problem will be solved and the airport will run soon, said the Lufthansa officials. While talking to the reporters, the Lufthansa officials told that they are currently in talk with the crew members and the attendants. The talks will definitely be ending positive for both and the decision will be taken soon and the situations will be casual soon, said the officials.


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