EVA Airways has placed an order of 24 Boeing 787-10 Aircrafts


It is known from latest news that EVA Airways has placed an order of 24 Boeing aircrafts of model 787-10. In addition, EVA Airways has placed an order for additional two Boeing aircrafts of model 777-300 with an extended deal of range 8 billion dollars. As of now, EVA Airways has already placed an order of 15 aircrafts of model 777-300 ER and five new Boeing freighter aircrafts of model 777 and 24 Boeing aircrafts of 787-10 model. The Airways said that they have placed all these orders from air show of Paris in the month of June and the order got finalised in the month of July. It is known from a source that the deal got closed with 1.5 billion dollars. It was said by Boeing that the new model aircrafts of 787-10 are highly efficient in fuel consumption compared to other aircrafts. These new aircrafts are going to be a good replacement for other aircrafts which has the best feature of less fuel consumption and low emissions. These aircrafts are 25 percent better in managing fuel consumption and low emissions and are the right choice for replacement of aircrafts.

Ray Conner was the president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He said that they are excited to offer a warm welcome for EVA Airways. They are glad to accept the EVA Airways as their new member which is using new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner model aircraft. It is going to be the new customer of Boeing among all the Airways who launched their new model 787-10 Dreamliner on to their fleet capacity. It is said by Boeing that EVA Airways is the former customer of their airplanes company which is maintaining god relationship with us since from decades. He said they are in honour as the EVA Airways has continued their relation by introducing new wide-body model aircrafts on to their world-class fleet capacity, showing much belief in our new model aircrafts. Whereas, Taiwanese carrier has included about 37 Boeing aircrafts in its fleet capacity, in which 21 Boeing aircrafts are of model 777-300ER.

Boeing has spoken about their new aircraft models that they are exclusive in design with all modern features included in their aircrafts. Boeing expressed that the new Boeing aircraft models added to the fleet capacity of EVA Airways would help them to improve the fleet capacity and efficiency of long-haul routes by replacing the existing aircrafts with new Boeing aircraft models. In addition, the new aircrafts introduced in the fleet capacity of EVA Airways will help them to extend their presence in Southeast Asia, North America and Oceania. Currently, Boeing Airplanes Company has a total order of 447 aircrafts. Among them, 319 aircrafts are of model 737, 48 aircrafts are of model 767 and 26 aircrafts are of model 787. All these are expected to deliver to the respective airways starting from this year to the upcoming years. It is expected that the new aircrafts are definitely going to be profitable for EVA Airways, improving the efficiency of services, especially on long haul routes.

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