Emmert will be the head of Frankfurt Cargo Services hereafter


Mr. Hans George Emmert was appointed as the managing director of the Frankfurt Cargo services, said the cargo news report and the official announcement made by the Frankfurt itself recently. According to people who are aware of the matter, the ground handler company Frankfurt cargo services was acquired 51% by the Worldwide Flight Services (WFS). This acquisition has ended up in the change of management, said the sources. The WFS has acquired 51% of the total shares of Frankfurt cargo services. And thus it has made the company to change its management. The staff crew will not be changed and the processes followed by the company so long in ground handling will be continued under the management of Mr. Emmert, said the company officials to the reporters.

Right from the establishment of the Frankfurt Cargo services, Mr. Emmert was into lead roles at the marketing and sales. Before he has joined in the FCS and the Fraport, he has gained a great experience in the industry by working in the airlines which are in the operation field. The industry people have told that Mr. Emmert will be performing with great efficiency in the role of managing director of FCS. According to people who are close to Mr. Emmert, he has the best knowledge in the cargo service industry. He will be acting the best in the role of managing director of Frankfurt cargo services. The decision to make Mr. Emmert as the managing director of Frankfurt Cargo services will definitely end up in lot of benefits for the company and the customers will be benefitted a lot. Frankfurt is currently servicing so many customers all across the world now. The service will be continued as it is, said the officials.

When Emmert was saying about this matter to the reporters, he told that he is feeling really honoured about his appointment as the managing director of the Frankfurt cargo Services. He told that he will be doing the best for the company and will be pushing this ground handler company to next level in the industry. The new partnership with the WFS will pave way for a lot of growth in the Frankfurt Cargo Services, he told. Also the Fraport is a partner with FCS now. He added to the reporters that the company only works on the benefit of the customers mostly and will be continue providing the high quality services to the customers. He thanked Mr. Andreas Helfer at the end of the interview. Mr. Andreas was the Head of FCS previously.


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