E-booking makes it a win-win situation for freight service


There is good news in the air cargo sector as WIN, Worldwide Information Network, the technology specialist has come up with the idea of e-booking platform for forwarders. This move is slated to benefit not only freight service providers but also customers as technology takes over, thus decreasing errors and improving efficiency. WIN is aiming to connect independent forwarders with 16 airlines and making available the e-booking system to them so that much time and costs are saved for both the forwarders and the airlines. This move aims to speed up the whole forwarding system, and may even lessen the time required for transportation of cargo services.

Though WIN is looking at connecting with 16 airlines, they are looking forward to increase the number to 50, thus attempting to cover all big and small airlines, making the network truly connected and vast. The e-AWB or the electronic air waybill system will also be soon streamlined making the process much easier and convenient for forwarders.

John DeBenedette, managing director, WIN, expressed hope that e-AWB delivery will soon begin to roll with the convenience of electronic bookings. He added that these bookings will have codes, designed for special handling of shipments. As of now, there are more than 90 airlines that are connected with WIN for e-AWB filing process.

Mr. DeBenedette explains that with the addition of a multi-shipper e-booking aspect, the freight service providers will be able to manage their cargo much more efficiently than now, which means cargo services across this sector will be smoother and with lesser obstacles and obstructions and delay. He also sounded optimistic and said that in just over a few months, WIN expects to cover more than 50 carriers and bring them under a single, uniform e-booking procedure.

He added that the electronic air waybill system will prove to be a boon for forwarders as it will make the whole working process smarter and quicker in addition to improving accuracy of deals and process. Shipment delays too could be minimised with the electronic process. Much money could be saved as the shipment procedure becomes more manageable and error-free. Forwarders can also look forward to be able to enjoy a complete consignment visibility and they will be able to track them better.

Many eminent carriers have already undertaken the facility of e-booking and they include airlines from across the globe. From Asia, there is Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, and more while from Gulf countries, there is Emirates, Gulf Air and so on. There are also other major airlines which include American Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, United Airlines, Swiss Airlines, SAS, KLM and so on.

The advantage of an electronic process is that there is a guarantee of greater accuracy within a much lesser time, than it would take otherwise. Since there is the convenience of all-in-one tool, much time is saved as there is a one step procedure for all the processes which will make freight services much more capable. Customers will now be able to book, manage their bookings as per flight schedules. They will be able to convey air waybill data and also receive the complete tracking of e-AWB automatically.


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