CITYJET Airlines to add Sukhoi Superjet 100 for fleet renewal requirements


According to the recent aviation news, the CITYJET has planned to add sukhoi super jet 100 as a part of their fleet renewal requirements, said the sources. There is a provisional deal signed between the company and an unnamed lessor. According to the deal, the company will be delivered with 15 air crafts soon and also the deal includes various options. If those options were utilized by the company then the order value will raise up to $1 billion, said the industry people. In the meanwhile CITYJET has told that the first 98 seats of the fleet are due for the delivery to the Irish regional carrier. And it will be delivered by the first quarter of the year 2016. Also there are three more examples that are supposed to be following this delivery in the same year.

The air freight company CITYJET’s Executive Chairman Mr. Pat Byrne has told that the company is really excited about the first one of its kind to change into a game-changing aircraft which will deliver a great comfort to passengers during their travel, luxury interior designs and the best cabin capacity which is far better than all the other competitors in the aviation industry. While saying about the new air craft to the reporters, Mr. Pat has told that this air craft is really a versatile one in the recent generation. It has the capacity to fulfill all the requirements and also has the capability to get operated by even small airports. Even the smallest hub in the London city airport for the CITYJET can operate this aircraft, he added to the reporters. The air craft will provide you with an advantage of fuel efficiency, noise reduction and also in emission rating.

This superjet is expected to receive the steep approach certification soon to get operated at the London city. Many sources have told that the steep approach certification will be provided to the air craft by the end of next year. Mr. Pat Byrne, while saying about the deployment of the air craft, told that the company is planning to deploy this sukhoi super jet 100 in its charter by the year 2016 and the air craft will be taken into London routes by the year 2016. Hence the company can be seen with the SSJ 100 fleet soon, said the industry people and also the company officials. The airline news has reported that the company is planning to make more changes in their fleet renewal process in near future. Soon the company can be seen as a leader in the aviation industry.


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