CityJet Airlines Accepted to take Delivery of 15 Sukhoi SuperJet SSJ 100 by Next Year


It is announced by CityJet Airlines that it has accepted to take 15 SuperJet SSJ 100 aircrafts delivery in next year. The airlines placed an order of 15 SuperJet SSJ 100 passenger aircrafts to SuperJet International, which commenced giving delivery of all the aircrafts by the next year 2016. SuperJet International (SJI) is formed by a joint venture in between Alenia Aermacchi and Sukhoi Corporation. Alenia Aermacchi is a part of Italy Company named as Finmeccanica Group while Sukhoi Corporation belongs to Russia.

Pat Byrne was the executive chairman of CityJet Airlines. He said that they are very excited to bear the credit of first airlines around the Europe which placed an order of game-changing aircrafts. These aircrafts are going to provide extreme comfort, additive cabin capacity compared to all other aircrafts belonging to different airlines and exclusive interior design. He also said that it is a versatile new generation aircraft fulfilling all the requirements of the customers and is also enabled with great capability to operate even in small airports like their London hub, which is at City Airport of London. In addition, these new aircrafts have multiple advantages like great fuel efficiency, noise reduction and low emissions enhancing the ratings.

Although these aircrafts are going to be delivered in 2016, the CityJet Airlines has already decided their flight route on which these aircrafts are going to operate. It is said by executive chairman that they will introduce the new aircraft model SSJ100 in their charter activity after taking delivery in 2016 and they are thinking to operate the aircraft in their route network of London City in 2017. He said that they have a belief that their customers are going to love this new Jet. The new aircraft SSJ100 has seating capability for 98 passengers and it is going to be the first aircraft offering five abreast seats along with 32- inch seat pitch.

Considering the wider seats and about 2m cabin height, SSJ100 aircrafts provide additional bin space and spacious cabins compared to other aircrafts of different airlines groups. The SSJ100 aircraft is modern in design enriched with latest technology acquired from top manufacturers like Snecma (from which engines are taken), Thales (famous for avionics) which is from France, Goodrich (for wheels) and Honeywell (famous for auxiliary power units) which is in USA. At the same time, the interior design is taken from the design house of Italy named as Pininfarina. Moreover, the aircraft has achieved certification from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in the month of February 2012. Thus, the new aircrafts are exclusive in design and technology which could add advantage for CityJet Airlines increasing their growth worldwide. CityJet Airlines has accepted to take delivery of these aircrafts in next year and is going to take delivery of four aircrafts next year i.e., in 2016 and will take delivery of remaining 11 aircrafts in 2017. It is known from a source that the CityJet Airlines has already taken options for additional ten aircrafts.


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