Cathy Pacific Airlines Experiencing Growth Return after Great Slowdown in Mid-Year


According to the latest air cargo news report, Cathy Pacific Airlines providing cargo services and Dragonair Airlines have seen considerable growth after many days from the decline. It is seen the airlines growth recorded 2.8 percent hike in the month of September, reaching to a final value as 151,358 tonnes. In addition, the Airline is expecting further seasonal growth in the upcoming months i.e., in October and November. Although there is considerable growth noticed in the month of September, it is expected by the Airlines that similar growth will be continued for the coming three months. The growth hike reported in the month of September resembled the same growth, but one percent less compared to the growth recorded in the month of June, followed by July and August.

According to the previous records reported by Cathy Pacific Airlines, it has reported a year-on-year hike in the months of June and July which is 0.5 percent more compared to previous years. At the same time, in the month of August, the airline has reported 0.8 percent hike. As of now, the airlines has started this year with strong growth hike reporting 12.5 percent as initial growth rate recorded in the month of January, standing at a final value of 147,275 tonnes. While, in February the growth has increased by noticeable percentage reporting 28.8 percent, standing at a final value of 130,467 tonnes. The airlines said that overall growth recorded this year in terms of volume has increased with a remarkable hike of 5.6 percent, reporting the final value as 1.3 million tonnes.

Mark Sutch was the general manager of Cathy Pacific Airlines, supervising the marketing and cargo sales of the airlines. He said that their cargo services business has seen good growth this year and they are mainly benefited by the new IT products offered for consumers which got exported out from the areas of manufacturing like from Western China. Although, overall markets’ momentum is flat, they have reported noticeable growth due to the cargo traffic seen with the transportation of consumer related IT products. He continued that they are expecting similar growth hikes from the traditional season of winter along with peak demand. He said that they are going to operate their cargo services with a full schedule of freighters starting from the middle of October, continued further to the month of November.

According to statistic report collected this year, the load factor of the cargo services provided by Cathy Pacific Airlines has seen increased by 0.2 percent reaching to a final value as 62.4 percent. It is the hike of the year reported since March. While, there is largest decline reported by the airlines in the month of July, this year which is 2.9 percent decline with final value as 61.8 percent. Consequently, the airlines reported the second largest decline in the month of June with 2.2 percent fall, reaching a final value of 62.7 percent. Following same to the next month, there is a 1.9 percent decline seen in the month of August, reporting 60.6 percent as the final value. Overall, if the average value of load factor is considered, the airlines reported 63.2 percent as an average which was same compared to previous year average value taken in the month of September.

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