Cargo Revenues Declining for United States airlines


Three of the main US airlines witnessed a slide in cargo revenues in 2015 with declining volumes and low fuel prices affecting takings.

United States airlines, was the busiest airline in terms of cargo service, and the only airline to show increasing cargo volumes in comparison to 2014 levels, with demands jumping to 2.6b CTM by 5.1%.  

Still, it could not stop United’s cargo revenues from declining, which came down to $937 million by 0.1% YOY.

Delta had the worst year with revenues slipping to $813 million, 13% down from 2014, and volumes down to 2.2b CTM, by 7.1%.

American showed had a higher slide with revenues down to $760 million, by 13.1%, with volumes down to 2.3b CTM by 0.7%.

It is expected that revenues were affected by low oil prices, industry overcapacity causing low prices and volume weakness. The airlines were pressurized at the level of revenues, yet low fuel prices made them record good profit growths. 



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