Cargo Major Blue Dart Records Skyrocketing Profits In Air Freight


India’s leading logistic company and air cargo provider, Blue Dart has reported a double digit surge in the current profits of the company for the fiscal quarter ending on March 31st. The Indian giant which is the county’s most popular express distribution and logistics firm has shown a ground-breaking profit record for the current quarter as it posted 17% increase in profits amounting to nearly 404.9 million, after tax deductions for the following quarter. Therefore, the total profit for the entire fiscal year ending on 31st March was calculated to be a staggering figure of 1.9billion, a 49.7% increase from the previous year.

The Chennai based company is jointly owned by DHL, its parent company and a German courier firm Deutsche Post which owns a 70% stake in Blue dart through its subsidiary firm Blue dart express. The final quarter of the current fiscal year showed a 10.3% increase in revenue which amounted to nearly 6.3billion while the revenue for the entire fiscal year recorded an increase of 12.5% from the last year leading to a record-breaking profit of 25.5 billion.

By the end of March 31st 2016, Blue dart provided cargo services to as many as 595,623 customers through their extensive fleet of 159 million domestic shipments as well as 8.9 million shipments for its international freight business.  

Thanks to an increase in number of businesses and an overflow of customers seeking faster aviation services for their cargo, the current fiscal year has proved to be extremely useful for Blue Dart with the cargo and logistic industry hitting an all-time high. The Managing director of Blue Dart India, Mr. Anil Khanna, however feels that quite a many challenges lie ahead of Blue Dart and there is time for Blue Dart to emerge a game player in the business as the express industry has faced a tumultuous year and will continue to do so for a few years to come.

He further adds that the company has been able to display a fair performance till now due to its clear vision and goal of cost rationalization and their ability to generate revenues even during extremely difficult times.  He believes that his company has managed to flourish despite the storms, due to their excellent business-to-customer knowledge especially in the field of e-tail which has led to optimisation of cost and sustain a momentum of growth in its performance. He mentioned his future goals of enhancing their business technology and competing against various other freight companies by making use of automation tools and by increasing their business network with the help of their extremely dedicated and zealous teams. He stresses on the fact that his teams are a group of professionals who have hands on experience and years of expertise in managing the business for his company. Blue dart M.D. Anil Khanna expressed his desire to scale new heights for the company by employing the latest technology in the upcoming years.


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