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The regulator Brussels has nodded the head for the HNA group to take over the ground handler Swissport, reported the airport news recently. Soon the process of acquisition will get completed and the Swissport will completely become the ground handler unit of the HNA group, which is a Chinese conglomerate. Swissport was initially handling all the ground handlings, cargo handlings and various other ground handling services. The company was servicing many airports and various airlines previously. Many air freight companies have now told that the acquisition of Swissport may end up in affecting their deal with the company what they have made previously. But HNA group has made it very clear that the Swissport will continue all its ground handling services and the deals will not get affected by the acquisition.

The Swissport was servicing some of the larger airlines in various countries and especially in Europe. HNA group already owns the fourth largest airlines in China, Hainan Airlines. Also the group is managing some of the active airlines in Economic Area of Europe. The group is a specialist in the aviation industry and thus has many airlines and aviation related enterprises running under them. The acquisition of Swissport is just a part of their plan to widen their boundaries, said the company people. The HNA group has planned to make more changes in their routines and have also planned to widen their interests towards the air freights also, said the sources. Hence the company can be seen into the aviation industry as the leaders. But the company officials have refused to comment on any questions regarding their plan of widening the network. When the reporters questioned them about these plans, they have told that the world will know the companies steps soon.

Hence the plans of HNA group were still not so clear to the reporters and also for many industry people. The Brussels have recently told about their approval given to the HNA group to take over the Swissport. In that they have mentioned it very clearly that the HNA group can take up the swissport, but can never shut the services offered by the Swissport to various air freight companies and to the airports. The Swissport will be continuing all their services to their customers just like earlier, but in the name of HNA group. HNA group can only have limited powers in the company, said the Brussels officials. The transactions between the Swissport and HNA group will be examined carefully by a Brussels team. Thus many airports and airline companies have started feeling good that their deal with Swissport will not be terminated.


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