Brussels Airport to Report Growth in Cargo Service Volumes – Gained by Freighter Traffic


It is known from recent airport news that the Brussels Airport has reported noticeable growth in cargo volumes after a long time. It is seen that the cargo volumes at Brussels Airport have rose by 1.6 percent, according to the records collected in the month of September. According to the new statistic report, Brussels Airport is experiencing good growth in cargo volumes, which increased by 1.6 percent standing at a final value of 39,533 tonnes. This growth in cargo volumes is mainly achieved due to a considerable rise in freighter cargo traffic and at the same time mitigating the traffic falls in bellyhold. At Brussels Airport, freighter cargo has reported a hike of 6.5 percent in the month of September, recording a final value of 28,273 tonnes. At the same time, the overall freighter volumes have increased by 8.2 percent reporting a final value of 11,169 tonnes. This noticeable growth in freighter volumes is mainly achieved due to the help of freighter and cargo services of Ethiopian Airlines. At the same instance, there is growth seen in integrator volumes, which reported an increase by 5.5 percent reaching to a final value of 17,104 tonnes. While there is decline reported in volumes of bellyhold which got fell down by 8.9 percent reaching to a final value of 11,261 tonnes.

It is said by Brussels Airport that they have seen declines in the volumes of bellyhold transport, similar to all other airports of Europe. According to the previous report taken in the month of September 2014, it is seen Brussels Airport reported 8.9 percent decline this year. While in contrast, they noticed an increase of 8.2 percent in total cargo segment, compared to previous year records. It continued that the Brussels Airport is completely unique from other airports which act as an exceptional case, escaping from the downfall trend of air cargo traffic in and around Europe. Almost half of the cargo traffic seen at Brussels Airport is mainly due to the new cargo services introduced by Ethiopian Airlines. The main credit goes to Ethiopian Airlines which is responsible for the hike in cargo and freighter volumes at Brussels Airport, supporting the airport growth with the considerable diversion of cargo traffic towards the airport.

Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways have increased their flight services along with cargo services, carrying out multiple operations at Brussels Airport, which made the airport record considerable growth in cargo volumes along with noticeable freighter traffic. Ethiopian Airlines has started its weekly services by providing services in between Brussels and Addis Ababa, four times per week, started in the month of January, this year. While Qatar Airways has launched its weekly service using freighter flights of A330 Airbus model in the month of January itself, which are mainly used for carrying out Pharma Express operations in between Basel belonging to Switzerland and Brussels. At the same time, All Nippon Airways, which is a carrier of Japan, has started its daily services in between Narita International Airport of Tokyo and Brussels Airport on October 25th. It is known from a source that the airline is going to use Boeing 787-8 model Dreamliner aircraft for the services, starting at Brussels at 2050 hours and reaching to Tokyo by next day at 1610 hours. On the same day, the return flight will be leaving at 1115 hours and will reach Brussels by 1515 hours.

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