American Airlines Reported Cargo Revenue Decline in Q3


According to the latest Q3 revenue report, American Airlines has reported a decline in cargo revenues in the third quarter. Although, American Airlines revenue report termed to follow the other airlines revenue reports, the airlines reported less decline compared to decline reported by Delta Airlines. From the revenue report, it is clear that American Airlines experiencing revenue decline in their cargo services by 180 million dollars, recorded in the third quarter of the year. Compared to previous year records, it is 16.3 percent decline reported this year in the same time period. Starting this year, due to multiple influencing conditions around the market, the cargo revenues started declining reporting continuous declines in all the three-quarters. Despite the decline in cargo revenues, American Airlines has reported small traffic growth of 0.5 percent in cargo services compared to previous years, which reported as 569m tonne miles in terms of CMT. Similar to decline in cargo revenues, the cargo yield also lagged behind in the third quarter, compared to last year. According to the report, there is 31.63 cents decline seen against the previous record of 37.98 cents, reported in terms of tonne miles.

Overall, American Airlines has reported a net profit of 1.7 billion dollars as the quarterly profit, acquired support from price declines of fuel. But cargo revenues have declined by 3.9 percent compared to previous years, reporting 10.7 billion dollars as the final value. This decline in cargo revenues is mainly caused due to reduced passenger capacity. American Airlines was not only the one of the biggest three airlines of US facing a tough time in Q3 but there are other airlines facing same tough time in the third quarter, in particular, reporting declines in cargo revenues. In the same quarter, United Airlines reported 0.8 percent decline this year, recording 235 million dollars as the final value. At the same time, Delta Airlines reported 19.7 percent decline in cargo revenues reporting 196 million dollars as the final value. If cargo traffic report of the third quarter is considered, Delta Airlines reported 13 percent decline in cargo traffic, recording 557m CMT as the final value. While United Airlines reported 2.6 percent hike, recording 640m CMT as the final value.

According to the statistic reports of Q3, American Airlines reported 194 million dollars of cargo revenue this year in both Q2 and Q3, which means the cargo revenues have declined from 207 and 221 million dollars reported in the Q1 and Q2, previous year. While in Q3, the Airlines reported a decline in cargo revenues from 215 million dollars to 180 million dollars. Taking YOY cargo revenue reports into account, American Airlines reported continuous declines in three-quarters recording 6.3, 12.2 and 16.3 percentage declines. From the yield report of American Airlines, it is seen the airlines has reported a slight declines in yields taken in terms of cargo tonne miles in the first two-quarters but reported slight increase in Q3. In terms of cargo tonne miles, the YOY yield increase in percentage is seen reporting slight declines in Q1 and Q2. While in Q3, the Airlines reported 0.5 percent increase in yield measured in terms of cargo tonne miles. In the same way, American Airlines reported noticeable declines in cargo yield per tonne miles taken in terms of cents, in all the three-quarters. It was more in Q3 compared to other two-quarters.

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