IATA Criticizes France Over The Unfair Hike In Paris Airport Charges


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is offended by the decision of the France government and is criticizing the current unfair decision they have made. The government has allowed the Paris airports Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Paris-Orly (ORY)  to increase their airport charges to a great extent for the period spanning FROM 2016-2020. According to IATA, this decision is unfair and completely ignores the recommendation made by the independent Airport Consultative Commission. The commission believes that the public interest will be best served by the use of terminal activities of the airports which is why a decrease in the charges for 2016-2020 is called for.

According to Tony Tyler, IATA’s CEO, the importance of connectivity is high in today’s modern economics and France is no exception to this fact. At such a crucial time when the competitiveness is at an all-time rise, increasing the charges will only make it a more expensive deal. Instead of improving competitiveness, this will only lead to more hindrances.  This is why IATA has accused the French government for allowing the price hike in the airport charges. The aviation trade body is also unhappy with these developments.

The IATA had warned the government that instead of increasing the charges, a decrease in the airport charges would have been beneficial for France. A yearly decrease in the airport prices at the Charles de Gaulle and the Orly would have actually gone on to improve the appeal of France’s major sectors and hubs.  This decision would have serviced a better purpose for both the parties in comparison to the decision to increase the charges.

Mr. Tyler also mentioned that this decision will affect travelers to a great extent. Travelers will have to chuck more money to travel to and from France. Not to mention the great hit companies and businesses around the globe are going to experience from this decision. IATA is urging the government to reconsider their decision.

Tyler also added that “France’s airport infrastructure is a national asset that needs to be nurtured for the benefit of the broad economic and global market.” They can contribute to the global economic benefits if they re-evaluate their decision. IATA believes that this is a very disappointing move and France has ignored a great opportunity for a winning solution which would have worked in their country’s favor as well as the global market in general.



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