Air Partner Launches Rio Express Planes Specially For Olympics


Air Partner, UK based international freight operator, has launched Rio Express MD-11 planes specially for air freight services for Olympics. The services will begin a few weeks before and will end a few weeks post-Olympics 2016.

Since this is exclusive for Olympics, there are specific routs and fares for the cargo services. A special weekly Sunday flight is created for the global aviation services group. The flight flies from Frankfurt to Rio de Janerio. This service is available only for the period of 14 days – 10 to 24 July 2016. The return flight will be boarding from Galeao International Airport, Rio de Janerio. This is why Air Partner has called these flights as Rio Express.

It is important to highlight the fact that Air Partner is among the only two air freight companies that have the permission to land and depart from Galeao airport. While all the remaining air freight operators have to fly to and from Viracopos International Airport. Viracopos is located far from the venue where Olympics is to be held, on an average it takes about three hours to reach there via roadways, while Galeao is about a few minutes from there.

Rio Express will land cargo to the venue till 24th July, but return cargo shipping services is available on 25 to 27 August. This is an open service, and any client from across the world can book the slots via Air Partner. For easy and fast transportation services Air Partner has enabled container system. This will quicken the loading and unloading time as well as will be easy for trucks to load and transport them to the venue.

A representative from Air Partner, who asked not to be named, was excited about this service and said “This is the second time we are offering such an exclusive service for Olympics. Of course, this was possible because of our previous success with Sochi Express offered for the 2014 Winter Olympics.” He further added, “Rio Express will be the first flight to run on the runway of Galeao airport at sharp 00:05 hours, on Monday morning.”

Another representative said “We are quite sure that all of our flights will run full, there will be no container that goes empty. There are hundreds of booking coming beforehand. This is why we have also made sure that the safety and other services are right on the spot.” He confirmed, “There will be no room for any type of complaint related to our cargo services for our clients.”


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