Air India to Concentrate More on Passenger Comforts


Air India is one of the famous airlines providing services national wide. It has revealed that it is going to adopt a new dedicated program to enhance the comfort level of passengers. It is known from a source that the airlines is going to follow a specific program for enhancing the travelling experience of passengers, in particular, the cabin experience. The new program is scheduled for concentrating more on improvement and maintenance of cleanliness in the cabin along with ultimate safety measures. The airlines decided to monitor complete program effectively by collecting feedback from the passengers. Moreover, the complete program is carried and managed by senior management persons who are at executive director level.

If the airlines receive any negative feedback from the passengers in any matter, then an immediate action is taken by airlines on the staff and will be unchanged even for the engineers and crew of cabin. In addition, the airlines introduced a surprise check phenomena in this specific program for monitoring the safety measures and cleanliness maintained in the cabin. The surprise checks into the cabin are carried out by senior executives belonging to Air India. They will check the complete cabin including outside the cabin ensuring perfect check. It is their duty to check whether the additional servicing equipment is present in the aircraft or not. They are also responsible in reporting the equipment is onboard or not.

It is the duty of senior engineering officer to supervise the providers of cleaning service for maintaining quality in cleaning, especially in cabins. In order to maintain the cleaning process up to date, a number of employees allotted for each aircraft by the airlines. The airlines have taken special care in the application of this specific program on each and every aircraft belonging to Air India. In addition, complete measures are taken by both chairman and managing director. Ashwani Lohani was the managing director of Air India, who personally visited each engineering base of airlines for ensuring the application of maintenance program.

Since from a week, he visited engineering bases of airlines present in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai etc. He inspected complete facilities of the airlines; process carried by the staff and collected feedback from the employees and management regarding the new maintenance program. He said that it was a great feeling to provide an ultimate experience of travel for Air India passengers through these techniques of improved performance and maintenance. He added that maintenance of on-time performance along with pleasant staff and clean cabins will enhance the passenger traffic and profits of airlines.

Along with cleanliness maintenance, the airlines is also concentrating more on curtains, upholstery of cabins, entertainment systems enabled in cabins and carpets etc. It is the duty of cabin crew to announce the staff related to ground operations like cleaning staff, catering staff, helpers, engineers, commercial staff and technicians to be alert in receiving the information and should be ready for action all the time to serve the passengers. Overall the staff duty is to maintain extreme cleanliness in cabins along with the high standard of services provided. Every staff member should work making a primary objective that the passenger travelling through Air India should have a memorable experience.


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