Air Freight Division Launched New Partnership With ACI


UK air partner’s freight has appointed UAE – based Air Cargo Integrators under official freight sales and marketing representatives section. There is a reason behind this is to develop their air-craft charter and air-cargo charter products. Likewise, ACI has appointed Air Freight as its sales and marketing partner in Europe and America for the Air Direct Connect Airline Products development. ACI will provide the office for air partner’s representative in UAE. So that the clients will have visibility on both the companies .

Traditional air charter industries around the world – especially in the region of Middle East and UAE were facing a wider difficulty. To make it ease, ACI and air partner’s freight companies have lunched the partnership. UAE marketplace helps to provide the Air Freight solution to a wider sector client base.UAE marketplace is a helpful platform for the entire MAE region, said by Air Partner Freight global business development manager Stuart Smith.

Charter companies must also get involve in to providing added value services to their clients. As per recognized by the industry workers. They felt it would be more helpful, so that they can come out from facing wider difficulties.

ACI chief executive Lionel Smith has put forward these points for our knowledge. There will be always a question arises on priority, what ACI mainly focuses on? Lionel smith said that, ACI does not just stop with getting compromise on safety and quality. The main focus of ACI is to provide enhanced and innovative products that will improve the connectivity to multiple destinations. Charter industries entrust ACI / AP after the collaboration with air freight. Hence the ACI collaboration with air partner . will make it easier to compromise the customers and major freight forwarders for seamless air solution.

Co-operation between the air partner freight division and air cargo integrators ( ACI ) companies took sustained period to share air freight service among the customers. They mainly focus on middles east region as they are suffering with difficulties. In order to get rid of this difficulties Air Partner Freight And Air Cargo Integrators provide air freight solution within Europe and UAE. This re- consolidation represents the fast growing freight product in the Middle East region.


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