Air Canada Unveils New Online Booking Tool On Their Website


Air Canada Cargo has unveiled a swanky new website and their new tool and feature of online booking. This new tool allows the customers to carry out complete booking online and immediately receive an air waybill (AWB) number in about 2 minutes. This new feature helps the customer to attain all the necessary information about the booking immediately. The forwarders who own an account can use this new tool to make bookings as well as manage the shipments online from August 11. The booking window that is available is 29 days. Air Canada’s new tool is unlike most other online booking services and systems. The new set up can be used not just for general cargo but also for other tricky range of cargo like fragile and perilous goods as well as perishable temperature-controlled freight.

The new tool is meant to make it easier for the customers to track their order and make recurrent bookings. The customers will be able to log into the account and use a dashboard which will permit them to book shipments as well as track their shipments. The customers are permitted to check the status of their current shipments, fill out the air waybill online, make changes in their details and shipments and even print out certain information. The new system can easily make an estimated quotation for the shipment cost based on the specific rates for customers, calculation of volume and other such factors. The system also helps in choosing different flights and routes and handles shipments that are beyond Air Canada’s network.

The company has been in talks with the customers and discussions regarding finding a ways to simplify the process to make it easier for the customers to deal with the company. The creation of the customer experience section and a revamped call center with top-notch technological backing shows the company’s focus on the clients. These features and changes offer the service agents improved tools to deal with issues of the customers. The airline has also ramped up the IT sector in an effort to offer faster and simplified process. The management has signed a deal with Mercator for a new accounting solution and revenue management system. These are slated to be put to use in the latter part of next year.

One of the benefits of the new system is that the customers can track their shipments, even from tablets and other mobile devices, and access the website to make booking anywhere and at any time. Adding to that the customer also has the opportunity to print out a copy whenever they require and get a paper invoice.


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