Aerospace One’s Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Clears his Collar


Aerospace One chief Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani is known for its dedicated services in both passenger and freight services. Their services are not limited to one state/providence or a country, they are a global company serving peoples and companies across the globe. Every year they do a lot of social service and development programs.

But lately, the company’s chief Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani has been suffering a lot of false allegations. A few labeled by media companies/sites like The Loadstar and Both the companies mentioned that the allegations are strong and are in relation with terrorism. They also stated that it is in record with aviation and national government. Along with them the two other airline companies’ names that are involved in the allegation are Veteran Avia and Rayyan Air. They were accused of carrying arms to Syria and helping spread terrorism.

Mr. Mirchandani and his family including the famous women supporter Mrs. Indira Mirchandani suffered a lot of accuse from media and other independent bodies, to a level that they were they saw their name in the American Aviation Blacklist. As their name is already listed in Entity List (US Federal Register) this accusation impacted a lot on their white collar.

Finally on 25th September 2015 issued an apology letter clearing all the allegations they made and also clarifying that government has never accused Aerospace One or its chief for any similar carryout. In today’s world we as a media should be very responsible and we feel that we should always in every case verify our claims before letting it Go Live and harm reputed peoples and companies like Aerospace One.


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