Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Signs Food cafe Contract


Aerospace One, the famous aviation company chief Jaideep Mirchandani is all set to sign a food cafe supply contract with an airlines. According to the sources, the contract will let the aviation giant Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani’s food arm to supply food for the elite class passengers of the airline company during the travel. The sources have confirmed it and the contract is yet to be signed, they added. People who were aware of the matter have told that this is really a new step in the business life of Mr. Mirchandani. They told that this giant has already faced success in all the industries he has stepped in. Hence this food industry also will bring fame to him, they said.

Recently Mr. Mirchandani was falsely accused by people who cannot tolerate the growth of his fame in the country and in the aviation industry. But he faced it boldly and proved that he was never beyond-the-law. He and his family members are known as the best for the care they show towards the common people. His company Aerospace One is best known for the innovations it has made in their flights for the comfort of the passengers. With all the innovation and leading strategies in Aerospace, the company’s moves towards Food Industry seems very promising fortune for them.


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