About Us

World Air Cargo News has been associated with the air cargo industry for years and understands the intricacies of the aviation industry. We keep you updated about every new development and major turn of events in the freight industries. From mergers to huge aircraft acquisition, if it’s new worthy then we are covering it. From the industry giants to startup wonders, a lot has been happening in the industry over the years and our job is to bring that information in the forefront for our readers.

Earlier the freight industry and aviation industry was very limiting with only a few competitors in the running, but today the scenario is different. With more companies joining in, the industry in buzzing and whirring with action and World Air Cargo News is driven to get every scope on the industry happenings. Stay in touch with the emerging news and major events related to the Aviation and Air cargo industry with us.

Our Team :

Our team consists of well experienced Journalists, Industry masters, Industry analysts and employees. The team runs handy with news coverage, and they leave no place where something is happening in Air-Cargo industry.

Our Team of expert columnists always pen down their thought so that the rest can know and follow. Apart from the Journalists and Writers, we do house some of the finest developers and system engineers, so that our site is always live and working.