5 Percent Growth Seen in Cargo Services of Europe Airports in July


From the past few months, there is sharp decline seen in cargo market which shown its impact on freight services also. Due to the continuous decline in growth of freight and cargo services, all time busiest airports fell down. It is known from recent air cargo news that the four busiest freight airports have faced 2 percent decline in growth of cargo services. It is the decline recorded for individual freight airports, whereas, if the analysis is done by region wise then the freight airports belonging to Europe have seen 0.5 percent growth. The complete analysis about the cargo service growth is done by Airports Council International (ACI), Europe. Frankfurt Airport which is one among the biggest freight airports in Europe has seen a great decline in volumes.  Moreover, it is one of the busiest freight airport providing freight services around the Europe. Although Frankfurt Airport is the busiest freight airport, it is seen 2.3 percent decline in cargo volumes with 168,267 tonnes compared to previous years, recorded in the month of July. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second busiest freight airport in total Europe which is facing a similar decline in cargo volumes which is dropped by 6.3 percent with 155,100 tonnes, compared to previous years.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the busiest freight airport listed in third place. There are huge cargo services operations are carried out at this airport. Even it is facing a decline of 2.1 percent in volumes of cargo service with 133,764 tonnes as a final value of tonnage. Heathrow Airport is the fourth biggest airport handling both freight and cargo services, also seen a decline of 5.4 percent in cargo volumes standing at 121,239 tonnes. The fifth biggest airport listed in this was Istanbul Ataturk Airport handling cargo and freight services effectively. It was the only one to gain the credit of growth in the month of July compared to remaining four airports. It recorded 14.6 percent growth in July with 64,011 tonnes. These are the results revealed from the survey conducted by ACI Europe. Though individual cargo services growth was declined in the month of July, it sounds good that overall freight traffic of all the airports belonging to the Europe region has rose by 0.5 percent, said by ACI. If year-to-date (YTD) records were considered, 0.5 percent increase is seen compared to 2014. But among all, Istanbul airport and Heathrow airport have recorded hikes. It is seen from previous records that Istanbul airport has recorded 6.4 percent growth with 436,429 tonnes while Heathrow airport has recorded one percent increase with 863,035 tonnes.

From YTD records, Frankfurt Airport has seen a decline of 2.3 percent with 1.1 million tonnes while Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has experienced 4.9 percent decline with one million tonnes. Following the other, Amsterdam Airport seen a decline of 2.1 percent with 918,331 tonnes. It is a notable trend to see a decline in Russian airports – Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International airport seen 8.8 percent decline in freight volumes as recorded YTD to 83,680 tonnes. Another Russian airport named as Domodedovo International airport seen 20 percent decline with 71,464 tonnes. While the largest airport Ostrava which is in the Czech Republic, seen a great hike in YTD increase. It is recorded 469 percent with 1,303 tonnes. In addition, Bourgas airport which is in Bulgaria seen second largest YTD increase of 10.14 percent with 6,214 tonnes. While Trabzon airport in Turkey seen a great decline in YTD of 83.2 percent with 1,262 tonnes. 


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