2015: 4.3% Rise in tonnages across the UK noticed by MAG Cargo Services


MAG Cargo services identified a growth of 4.3% in the tonnages of 2015 across four hubs of the United Kingdom airport group, as additional capacity and helpful economic conditions made freight companies and operators grow their volumes.

MAG’s collective airport portfolio including London Stansted, Bournemouth, Manchester and East Midlands, in 2015, dealt with 672,206 tonnes, which were 644,486 in the previous year.

MAG said that at the East Midlands, there was a 4.5% increase in the volumes, i.e. 322,918 tonnes, marked by a specific growth of express market that is driven by e-commerce operations which are always expanding. 

New routes made by the Turkish and China Southern Airlines led the London Stansted Airport to an amount of 237,255 tonnes with a YOY increase of 2.4%.

With the East Midlands, Cargo operation at Stansted also got uplifted with operators using cargo services by air in order to avoid disturbance at the Chunnel i.e. Channel Tunnel all over summer.

Now London Stansted and East Midlands are also benefitting from their sufficient and ample capacity of spare runway, as Heathrow and Gatwick are at subject to an upcoming government review for the runway capacity of the United Kingdom south east. 

Manchester Airport had a rise in long distance belly hold cargo, with the expanding development of the Airport City nearby the airport that made the airport operations past the mark of 100,000 tonnes, as traffic saw a rise of 9.6% YOY, with 103,131 tonnes.

The growth of the airport group had been strengthened in December with festive periods exceptionally busy.Cargo volumes exceeded the amount of 30,000 tonnes as never before at the East Midlands airport, rising up to 30,331 with a growth of 12.8% YOY.

In December, London Stansted rose 7.7% witnessing 21,368 tonnes and Manchester soared up 10.5%, witnessing 8,607.

MAG’s BDM – Cargo Division, Conan Busby, said: “We are seeing a lack of capacity at other London airports especially in long haul bellyhold – something that our airports are taking advantage of with their spare runway capacity, good onward transport infrastructure and competitive offers.  We look forward to welcoming more new operators in the year ahead to our airports. 2016 promises much for MAG Cargo,” also saying that the freight services diverted freight to MAG due to the Chunnel’s disruption during the summer months.

The United Kingdom’s topmost and Europe’s fourth best airfreight hub , London-Heathrow, which is absent in the portfolio of MAG, reported a decline of 0.2% in the year 2015’s cargo volumes coming down to less than 1.5m tonnes.

Europe’s topmost cargo gateway, Frankfurt, had its entire year’s volumes lowering down by 2.3% with 2.1m tonnes and Amsterdam-Schiphol, which is number three in Europe, had its volumes declining by 0.7% with 1.6m tonnes.

Europe’s second largest freight gateway, Paris CDG, has not released its annual results yet. But in the 10 months till October, its volumes were low by 1.1%, even though a former red ink flood was seen bouncing back during the months of September-October.




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