15,000 Residents to sacrifice their Living Area for Vietnam’s Long Thanh Airport – Enhancing Growth of Cargo Services


It is reported from a news report that among 15000 residents are going to leave their residential area for construction of Long Thanh airport at Dong Nai, a southern province. The government is going to sanction some re-settlements for these people in other areas by paying some compensation. After hearing to the government decision, people have readily given way for construction of Vietnam Long Thanh airport. The total compensation allotted for site clearance is VND 13.1 trillion i.e., about 580 million US dollars said by people’s committee belonging Dong Nai. The total area which is in usage by residents in the allotted space was 1,970 hectare which is 59 percent of total allotted land for the airport, revealed by the Department of Mineral Resources and Environment, Dong Nai. Initially, there are 30 residents who refused for the settlements have agreed to move now with re-settlement. There is some amount of land in the allotted space, which is being used by government offices, enterprises and many other agencies. Even this land is taken from them and used for construction of Long Thanh Airport. Recently, the government has given its approval to the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) for construction of a new airport. It was initially got approval from the previous government in 2011.

Long Thanh Airport is going to be constructed around an area of 5,000 hectares which is an international airport falling under the category of 4F airport. It is announced that the newly constructing airport will maintain standard codes of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), enabling different passenger and cargo services. They are expecting easy handling of at least 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tonnes of cargo load factor by 2025 as a first phase output. The first phase of the airport includes construction of the terminal, runway and as well as auxiliary facilities. They are thinking to add more terminals and runways in the upcoming second and third phases in order to meet the target of 100 million passenger capacity, along with 5 million tonnes of cargo capacity every year.

It is an estimation that the total capital invested in this project is 16 billion dollars in which 5.45 billion dollars is decided to spend in the first phase of the project. The capital source for the complete project is provided from the state budget, official development assistance (ODA), public-private partnership capital, aviation sector’s equitisation capital and many other sources enabled with the law. The prices of the lands near the allotted airport project have increased immediately after the approval of airport given by National Assembly in the month of June. It is said by brokers that the land prices may rise by 20 percent especially for lands at Victoria City, housing project near Provincial road no. 25B and lands near national highway no.51 in Long Thanh district. While for lands far from the airport, prices remained same. It is said by a local broker that farmers living in Suoi Trau and Bau Can are selling their farm lands at a price range of VND700 to VND800 million for 10000 sq meters.


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